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What we offer:  Empower Consulting in Strategic Analysis and Political Risk offers two primary products: political risk analysis and risk mitigation strategies. Our analysis provides a thorough understanding of the interplay between political landscapes, business opportunities and constraints. Our risk mitigation strategies include both preventive and/or responsive measures, according to the demands or particular facts and circumstances. We keep our clients informed of any significant changes that may impact their business.


We provide our services in English, Portuguese or Spanish. We do not provide lobbying or political advocacy services.


1. Analysis of political landscape in Brazil and other target countries: We prepare and present key deliverables on the dynamic and unique political environment in order to inform our clients of the forces that may impact key business decisions. Our analysis is proactive, evidence-based, and focuses on political trends in Brazil or any target country.

2. Analysis of political-institutional risk: Brazilian institutions are established and well defined. However, Brazil is undergoing a period of strengthening of these institutions to make them resistant to internal politics. Our experience deploying rigorous methodology allows us to provide our clients with practical advice regarding how the dynamics of national and international politics impact business decisions and strategic planning in Brazil or in their target country of choice.

3. Proposed alternative strategies for navigating adverse political environments: Leveraging thorough analytical methodologies, we offer our clients a menu of strategy options to achieve their business goals in Brazil, the United States or in their target country. Our approach takes into consideration existing realities on the ground and develops models to provide essential inputs to inform the decision-making process.

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